Super Chewer? How about some chewing insurance!

We get this question almost everyday, "What do you have for chews that my dog won't destroy in two minutes?" Our answer is usually the same "It depends on the "chewer"" Johnny's 25 pound terrier mix can rip apart a plush toy in 10 minutes flat, while my 50 & 70 pound mutts couldn't careless about chewing. So, how about a little "insurance". What I mean by that is more and

more dog toy manufacturers are actually offering a 100% refund if (and when in some cases) your pup inevitably destroys their toy. Two companies that currently refund consumers through their w

ebsite are West Paw and Spot Ethical Pet Play Strong. It ends up actually being a win-win for the consumer. Try the toy and if your dog destroys it, collect your refund from the manufacturer. I know West Paw, for one requires a picture of the destroyed toy and your can complete the entire process right on their website. Here are a few important points to remember when give your dog a toy.

1. Make sure the toy is actually intended for chewing, some are only intended for retrieval and supervised interactive play.

2. Never leave your dog unattended with a chew toy whether is inedible or not.

3. Is it a toy or a chew? Products such as West Paw, Kong, Benebone and most Nylabone product are non edible and should be checked often for small pieces being broken off by your pet. In the event pieces are being removed or ingested, take the toy away immediately!

4. When using edible chews such as Whimzees or No-Hides, monitor the size of the chew, when it get small enough to be choked on or swallowed whole take it away and dispose of it.

5. Pick the appropriate size for your dog. Don't try to give your Lab, Rottie or Great Dane a 4" chew . The likelihood of it becoming a choking hazard almost immediately is very high!

I hope these tips helped you when selecting a appropriate chew toy for your pet. As always all these quality brands are available right here at Mendon Pet Supply!

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